Relay For Despair

“Wait before you answer, you’ve already caused a disaster”

In the typical cyclical feelings of melancholy I apparently go through, I start to wonder if the world has become ‘worse’… or ‘worse-er’.

Reading the news this morning, I see story after story and multiple headlines of trials gone awry, politicians aflounder, people throwing babies in the streets, riots, etc.

I don’t remember this when I was 18 – the communal sense of rage and disfunction, then I wonder: was it always present just not apparent? Has technology, social sharing, mobile media and more removed the rose colored glasses that functioned so well before?

I can read CNN on my phone, receive text alerts to breaking news and text messages for breakups. Is everything the same, but just faster and more available?

Instead of being deep, introspective and enlightened – I should focus on being topical, temporal and shallow; saving deep conversations for only my dog? Many have accused me of being so already, so why not live up to expectations? Afterall, whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness, simply doesn’t know where to shop.