The Gay Handicap Placard

I can’t help but come back to the frequent thought that gays are, inherently, emotional and/or sexually crippled.

More often than not, I run into gays across the globe frequently complaining of infidelity that has or is occuring in their relationship (past or present). In some cases, their mention of their own lack of fidelity themselves.

I’ve heard others mention interesting thoughts – that monogamy is relative and that cheating, depending on the situation, shouldn’t end the relationship.

I’ve mentioned it before… As I come across, Grindr, and other geo-social apps that makes the gays more accessible to each other I still feel shocked by the number of people that are partnered and looking for play.

I look at Michael and think I want to admire the virtue and and discipline he has to be able to resist such as ‘standard’, but, I also wonder how?

I couldn’t imagine some of these technologies in the 70′s – or could I? While the time is alleged to have been filled with flower power and sexual proclivity, the one thing that seems to be a common theme is the mutual respect and openness others had with each other. That one element is the key ingredient lacking in my encounters today.

Is it a heterosexual issue? Homo? I’ll have to report back after another 20 years of research…