To Predict The Future

It seems that the only way to predict the future, is to create it. That notion, in many ways, seems like anarchy to me.

As I engage more and more with A-Man, I identify with an individual that I truly like and feel connected to – and enjoy the way that he makes me feel as well.

As I read over the past, I realize how easy it is to remain focused on it. I stay apprehensive, thinking it’s not just too soon for a relationship, but I’m ill equipped. This is living in the past and remaining focused on it – unable to let go of what memories I have from time and people past.

Ultimately it is this background that always leaves me longing for control when it comes to love… Having had this control, it still leaves me empty – wanting more. So I realize that Eamon is this presented opportunity to correct that poor behaviour. Can I oblige?

In other events, Michael and I are no longer friends – a friend fallen to the wayside. The irony, is I don’t know if I have any true idea of why we stopped speaking – it was completely unusual. Regardless, the objective is to remain focused on the future and eliminate background noise in the process.