Sinful San Francisco

True to the definition of a certain Type II Bi-Polar disorder, I figured – what would be the best way to come across as absolutely wreckless and impulsive while still trying to satisfy my illusive need to avoid stability?

Ah, I know! Connecticut? No – but a move directly into the heart of San Francisco came in as the close second.

Walking the streets with Abster, the urge came over me to take an aggressive stance of changing the status quo, and right there, in the middle of walking, we immediately began apartment hunting and looking at available units.

The second one we walked into I chose – and am now moving into within a matter of weeks.

To add to this – after experiencing parking troubles while going back and forth to sign paperwork, I realized an SUV in the city just wasn’t going to work… So… I decided to buy a new Mini Cooper. Not just any, but a Spice Orange, S-Type and carbonite black headlines and 17″ black wheels to really throw some spice into my mid-life crisis.

I can’t recall specifically what was going through my head, but the idea is still the same. After receiving Jeff’s last email indicating he was going to all the ‘old places we used to go in the hopes of running into me’ I realized life was becoming to predictable.

Why was I still in Oakland? Why was I just two blocks from where we lived before? I have an aching need to be able to constantly be in a mode of adaptation and change – whether self initiated or not. After all the hobnob of moving to the Bay Area anyway, I should have been here long ago.

Time to do away with relationships, sameness and comformity – and time to do non-sense!