Breaking Choice

A relationship begins when two people choose each other to be the others one and only. What happens when one of those people outgrows that choice; and when they’re faced with the decision to make a choice different than their original?

Relationships, friendships, partnerships – all of these are based on a person or people needing or wanting something from the other. It could be something as big and complex as love, or as simple as money.

When things go bad, it only becomes too common to continue a perpetual state of misery; we ultimately are still needing (and getting) something.

We too often don’t realize we are actually not in control of our choice with the engagement overall – in fact, we are suffering a consequence for a poor choice made to begin with.

When one person outgrows the other, the loss can seem great: we either see this growth (within our self or the other individual) are are envious or we see how little we’ve grown ourselves and are enraged. Sometimes both.

We’re now left to wonder, how do we retard the growth of the next individual to prevent the same calamity. Selfishness is ubiquitous.