In The Eye Of The Storm

Living in this moment in history is as defining as ever, but it sometimes also feels like the most lonely time to live.

Without intelligence and memory there is no history. One could say that it is this intelligence that makes the human race who we are, and before it, there was really nothing. It is this memory that has allowed us to evolve to the intelligence that we are, collectively, today.

Evolution has always occurred without notice, without care for anyone’s opinion. Yet not, it seems, we live in a time where the yearning for approval is second to none.

Global consciousness exists now. We communicate to reach out to others with expectations that never existed, or could exist, before.

It seems we blog because here, we understand at the same speed. We’re affected at the same time.

It is human nature to look at a train wreck but not make eye contact with illness. It reminds us our fragility, our mortality.

Perhaps it is here, in ambiguity, we’re able to find our voice – our expression.