Collusion of Illusion

It doesn’t take a Matrix trilogy to recognize that most of us live in one of two types of worlds: one being of stupidity, and the other of illusions.

Illusions comfort us in ways we choose to not acknowledge.

Illusions occur when we look in the mirror. Illusions occur when we attempt to listen to what someone else is saying. Illusions occur when we never question what is said by someone we are in love with.

Through these illusions, we collude with ourselves to live in a fantasy world where we become immersed in false reality. More often than not – we ourselves proactively engage in illusions to hide our ulterior motives.

Through these illusions, trust begins to develop, and as it develops, we hold a sense confidence that the illusion we’re seeing has no need to be questioned or validated. Nothing is done to authenticate its validity. So we slowly stop paying attention to the edges of the clouds, the corners of the house – the imperfections in the details. We collude with ourselves to believe ‘it’s all just in our heads.’

But to the suspicious; to the tainted or the bitter, jaded queens – these imperfections, like a moth to the flame, cause the illusion to burn up. And in this burning, the truth behind the illusions is revealed.

The consequence then lies, in never knowing how to be happy. After all, ignorance is bliss for a reason.