Mindful Weapon

Through out the course of any relationship, one is often forced to manage the doubt experienced by either themselves or one of their partners. In fact, doubt is often an ingredient in many relationships outside of romance. Business partners, friends, family… Sometimes the suspicion is passing and limited, other times it is deeply seeded.

Doubt is often and easily weaponized – and unfortunately a frequently used tactic by yours truly; I know – shameful.

I think of it as a biological weapon, more of a virus; airborne. The infection generally starts small, and in the mind. Symptoms begin with a mistrust or suspicion of motives and impedes ones own perceptions. As the virus spreads and the symptoms grow, its abilities extend to calling all beliefs into questions – whether they be regarding someone, or about your own darkest suspicions of your inner self.

Used wisely, this virus can help divide and conquer, mitigate and coerce, terrify and deceive. Equally worrying, however, is when the infectious agent loses immunity and inevitably falls unto itself, a victim.