The Notion of Sadness

There are not enough letters in the word regret to identify the overwhelming feelings that frequently encompass it. The thought or notion of regret often correlates itself with some sort of sadness – it’s an indicator of failure; either of self or experienced through others.

Regret lives through memory. Regret lives through mis-trust; of self or just as equally of others. It’s deep intertwined relationship with memory makes us constantly ask: could we have done something different – could the situation have gone differently.

As we look back and relive memories of friends, relationships, experiences and decisions we attempt to move forward by telling ourselves that we’ll live stronger through our decisions – mistake-laiden or not – and we’ll be able to learn from it.

That isn’t often the case. In fact, just the opposite – I find we’re drawn to make the same mistakes or decisions again. There is a discretionary comfort in an expected outcome.

After all, the best way to predict the future, is to create it.