When faced with a punishable of moral and ethics – who serves as judge and jury. Who serves fairly?

We’re tasked in life to grow and understand the operations of ourselves and how those operations deem effective in other people’s lives. Growth is said to occur when we become ‘enlightened’ in understanding the ripple effect of our actions.

However, could it not also be said that this type of growth requires understanding? And to understand the growth we must first comprehend the principles?

Sometimes people play games with other peoples emotions. In order to play a game though, you must have a thorough understanding of the growth principles mentioned above. The old saga: The Chicken, or The Egg?

As a perpatrator of the game playing, I’ve never fully understood how I partake in the overall operation – but I seem to be an expert at executing the tyranny.

I find myself wondering if perhaps some of the people I’ve gamed in the past were the ones that I was supposed to hold on to. If that be the case, does it mean I ignore the pertinent signs, or that I simply cannot see them. More importantly, is there a difference? Are we entitled to redemption if we learn from those mistakes.

I frequently find myself stuck in the past. On too many different levels. I write about it, I daydream about it, I confrontational about it, I hate parts about it, I miss parts about it.

My belief in the importance of the past is torn – does it define who we are today? Or does it define who we could be tomorrow depending on whether we choose to ignore it or be guided by its structured disciplines.

Are we able to move forward to a future if the past is still present?