Cereal in my Serial

While I would accept that I don’t have the advantage of opposite experience; I would be willing to gander to say that gay men seem to show a higher prevalence of serial monogamy or dating that heterosexual men do.

In med school, we never really covered any specifics of interaction – as it relates to gay men vs. hetero men. Sure, there are general studies and insights into general behaviour. There are case studied and speculative reasons as to what behaviours and why they may exist; but nothing really concrete.

I look at men I’ve dated and thought: if I were good enough now for you to accept me purely at apparent value, what would happen when the maintenance contract ended? Is the grass always greener on the other side? Given enough time, would I inevitably end up not being good enough for that individual?

Hopes, wishes and desires of perfection seem to only exist so that we may calibrate our level of covet once we’ve obtained what we originally thought we wanted.

Is this how serial monogomists come about? It would explain many things, afterall… At least to help explain these people who jump from relationship to relationship. The individual, entering a new relationship, only to have it slow down after a pre-determined time or honeymoon period, because the mystery, excitement and intrigue is over.

Instead of wanting what is now laying next to you, you want what could be laying next to you . . so the cycle repeats. The farmer returns to become a hunter, he chases the catch, captures and eventually releases again.

The problem, now, is that this process cannot be moderated by the Department of Game and Wildlife, it’s simply fed by our societies obsessions overall.

Maybe I should give the 10th Commandment more credit, perhaps it serves as a warning: by coveting, one would never cease to be satisfied.