Intrinsic Gay Values – Making Sure It Gets Better

Some of us, especially those in religious circles, fail to realize the significant value of suicide. Many fail to realize the true, biologic indictment made by the termination of one’s own life.

Science and medicine teaches us a critical thought: Nature’s first law is that of self preservation.

Flight or fight responsiveness when we’re scared.

Adrenal glands when we’re startled and need extra reflexive response

Unconsciousness to protect the brain from damage (and body).

Capillary constriction of extremities in severe cold to protect our internal organs.


All of us are biologically programmed with a multitude of incredible self-defense mechanisms ranging from physical to psychological; all in the interest of self-preservation and propagation/protection of the species – oh and hey, we’re not the only ones; it’s prevalent throughout the animal kingdom.

When someone takes their own life, they inherently override mother nature’s first law of self-preservation. They are going against what every cell in their body is protecting them (or trying to) from doing.

More often than not, suicide occurs due to grief, an unimaginable fear-riddling grief that has stricken the very core of the person afflicted. This grief may be from anguish of childhood abuse. The grief may be from fear and intimidation from long-term/consistent bullying by peers or adults, and the list goes on.

I could cite many studies that relate the statistics of homosexual men and woman who commit suicide, correlative to their environment and cause, but there’s no need. The greater issue is what is needed to address it.

Ask yourself – what are you doing, or what have you done to contribute to the pain and suffering of another human. Was it inciting hatred or violence? Spewing words dripping with disdain? Something more?

While each of us has a personal freedom and liberty to live, we must recognize that we cannot impede those same rights and liberties within others. When we do, we are no longer exercising a freedom, but engaging in oppression. If you engage in those oppressions to the point of potentially driving someone to suicide, the next question becomes: how can you live with yourself, since you could not allow another to live?

The fascination I have is the hatred within the gay community itself. No one knows how to steal the candy from us better than ourselves. Our own groups are wrought with minorities within the minorities. We even have our own gay animal kingdom – bears, cubs, silver foxes, bulls… the list goes on.

The Trevor Project, Anti-Defamation League, Human Rights Campaign and others begged for ally’s to sponsor It Get’s Better videos – but what about the videos to our own community members?

The gays wonder: what’s in store for our future? When will we have equal rights? When will the world be a better place?

Right and Wrong is not determined by you or me. It is determined by the outcome and judgment of history; history creates our morality. Right now, our own internal history is not looking so good.