Perception vs. Reality

The uninformed and obtuse often lack the ability to understand how divorced reality is from perception. The successful, instead, often exploit the benefits of this separation into a work of art all their own.

What you see when observing, opposed against what you look at is what can drive the issues you encounter through life. Oddly, however, the battles, wars and scuffles you engage in are often driven by the differences in your perception against someone else’s – not an objective observation. Perception, unlike observation, have a way of distorting truths, sealing convictions and releasing chaos.

Perceptions, like chaos, cannot be controlled – but that is where the parallels cease. While chaos cannot be managed with order, perceptions can be manipulated, managed and repaired. To that extent, while chaos introduces a lack of predictability, perceptions allow us to forecast actions.


The gay stereotypes we encounter and deal with are often a perfect representation of perception versus reality. The perception that gays are all hot, muscular well-bred 20-30-somethings is often a strong polarized contrast to the reality that we suffer as minorities within our own minority through our ethnicity, money, education, looks/appearance, families and so much more.

Our dating lives further reflect the disparity of perception versus reality – our portrayals by religious zealots as animal rapists, by mainstream media’s confusion of gay marriage vs. human/equal rights, to the right-wing/republicans portrayal as a promiscuous HIV-infested group.

These confusions in perception and reality create apprehension in our ability to maintain cohesiveness. Afterall, loyalties built on mistrust are tenuous, if not completely set to be doomed and this makes it even more difficult for our voices (as a community) to be heard and perceived correctly.