So you’ve found me. You’ve clicked ‘About’ and in your nosy effort, you’ve attempted to uncover who could write with such stupidity and vitriol.

Well it’s me. This is an online place where I try to store my thoughts, views and opinions. There’s no effort to publicize it, and even less effort to pander to public need. It just happens to be a free, easy service that helps me immportalize (<–see what I did there) me.

I once received an comment/email trying to argue with these thoughts and opinions. When I deleted the comment, they wrote again saying that they had a write to their opinion and to free speech.

No – let me help you here. Free Speech is exactly what my storage blog is. With that freedom, comes my right to pick and choose what I want posted, what I want to reply to, and what I want to recognize. If you post a mean or negative comment, and I delete it, then you can thank my free speech for it.